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Monday, September 3, 2012

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Workshop Materials

Workshop Materials
Workshop Materials

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Hear why Cyndi Danner-Kuhn is so passionate about the Celebrating Kansas Voices project. Learn why you will want to add your voice and encourage others to tell their stories.


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I Need My Teachers to Learn 5.0....Written and performed by Kevin Honeycutt. Kevin is an amazing Kansas Educator



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After 35+ years in high school and college classrooms, I now speak, write and consult on a wide variety of education-related topics. I currently teach technology to future teachers. Technology is a huge challenge, most teachers need help!

Let’s dig in and do a workshop with your faculty. We will engage in technology and in learning ways to use technology in our classrooms effectively. Hands-on workshops are always the best plan, but, I also offer Keynote presentations and Webinars. I will work with you to develop a custom day of workshops, a Keynote or even a Webinar(s) for your faculty.


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